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Here at the home of Foreign Currency Direct plc we offer an award winning foreign exchange service that’s not only stress-free, but can save you money on any of your foreign currency exchange needs.

Our exchange rates can be cheaper than the banks by as much as 4%, which is why over the years we have been named as the UK’s best exchange rate provider in the national press. Whether it’s a business or personal transaction, our expertise and experience mean we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

We’re always working hard to ensure you get the best foreign exchange rates available. If you’re planning on purchasing a property in another country, investing abroad, or simply transferring some money to friends or family overseas, our personal transfer service is the quick and cost effective choice.
We also offer a high level business transfer service.

We put all our knowledge and experience into making sure you’re always getting the most out of your money and your personal currency broker here will act as your eyes and ears on the market to help you stay informed of all the latest currency news.

Our contract options include spot contracts for when you need to make an immediate foreign currency exchange, forward contracts for fixed exchange rates up to a year in advance, and a stop loss option for protection against market fluctuations. We’re here to help you look after your business too.

We don’t want you to get caught out so you can set up limit orders to ensure you only trade at the rates you want. You’ll even get a personal currency broker to help you through the process and make well thought out, informed decisions. For peace of mind and value for money, is the service for you.

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Foreign currncy exchange experts as seen on BBCC News, The Telegraph and others We make moving money easy with the best exchange rates
We make moving money easy with the best exchange rates

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