Do you need to sell Dollars back to Sterling now or in the future? Whether it is as a result of a property sale, a business transaction, to convert USD salaries or other income or just to close your Dollar account Foreign Currency Direct are here to save you time, money and hassle with any of your USD to GBP requirements.

Foreign Currency Direct can offer you exceptional exchange rates combined with an award winning service to make the process of converting USD to GBP as easy as possible.

To get a free, no obligation quote tailored to your specific USD to GBP requirements please request a quote and one of our experienced US Dollar specialists will come back to you shortly.

Why choose Foreign Currency Direct?

Contract Options

Spot Contract

Spot Contract

When you need your US Dollars sent immediately and at the current rate.

Forward Contract

Forward Contract

When you want to set a fixed USD/GBP exchange rate for a later date.

Limit Order

Limit Order

When you have a target USD/GBP exchange rate and timing isn’t important.

Stop Loss Contract

Stop Loss

When you don’t want to trade below a certain rate and timing isn’t crucial.

Corporate Currency Exchange Service

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