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All the writers of our forecasting blogs work for www.currencies.co.uk and have done now for many years. Please feel free to browse the site and register should you wish to take advantage of an award winning company both in terms of exchange rates and customer service. Hopefully you have found our knowledgeable updates interesting so far and we always welcome new clients to get in touch so we can directly help you in your particular situation. We look forward to hearing from you.

The service we offer is as follows:

1)      We can achieve better rates than the banks

2)      You get allocated one of our currency experts as a personal point of contact so they can help analyse your requirements. By highlighting buying opportunities in the market as and when they arise and updating you on market trends this can save you time so you can get on with other important factors within your busy day.

3)      We have various contract options inclusive of stop loss, limit orders and forward contracts to protect you from adverse market movements in these volatile times.

The process is simple, for example if you have already registered with us and want to trade today it works as follows:

1)      You call your contact for a live rate

2)      Your personal trader will offer you the best rate available

3)      You run through a verbal agreement on a recorded call to book out your rate of exchange

4)      You will be sent a contract note containing all that has been agreed, inclusive of our bank account details. This will be sent to you by email you then instruct your bank to send us the funds within an agreed settlement period

5)      You provide us with your onward payment details

6)      We receive your funds and send them on to the beneficiary immediately

Once we have sent funds to a particular place you do not need to keep on providing the details again as we keep them on file for you, all in all a very smooth operation that should indeed save you a lot of money. Why not request a free quote by filling in the form on the right hand side of this page you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!