Every day business and private individuals alike transfer money abroad for a variety of reasons. Thousands of people every year emigrate to a new life abroad while others fulfil their lifelong dream of owning a holiday home abroad. Also, as international trade barriers are reduced we are seeing more companies send money abroad, whether it is to pay salaries, buy goods or services from abroad or alternatively receiving investment from overseas companies. This all means that the currency market is one of the busiest market places there is.

As the demand to transfer money abroad increases so has the demand for a service which can help clients send money abroad efficiently and cost effectively. This is where we at Foreign Currency Direct plc come in. Foreign Currency Direct specialises in transferring currency to various country locations.

Why use us for international money transfers?

How we safeguard your funds

We are always working hard to ensure that our clients can be confident in our safeguarding procedures. Whether you are planning on buying a house abroad, an overseas investment, paying a supplier, or transferring money to friends or family, you can rest assured that we treat the security of client funds with paramount importance.

  • We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an e-money institution under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Firm Reference Number 902022).
  • Client funds are separated from Foreign Currency Direct's own funds and are kept in client bank accounts held with Lloyds Bank Plc.
Corporate Currency Exchange Service

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