At Foreign Currency Direct plc we can help you if you need to buy Mexican Peso (MXN) whether you are buying a holiday home or exchanging Pounds for Mexican Peso in order to emigrate.

When you’re moving large amounts of money, it’s important you get the best deal. At Foreign Currency Direct plc we have helped thousands of clients transfer money abroad and this means we are perfectly placed to help clients deal with the volatile currency markets. One of the benefits of dealing with us is that you will have one point of contact who will be able to take you through the whole process, keeping you informed of all the latest currency news helping you make the most of your currency transfer.

Why use us to buy Mexican Pesos?

Your Contract Options

Spot Contract

Spot Contract

When you need to buy Pesos and transfer them immediately at the current exchange rate.

Forward Contract

Forward Contract

When you want to set a fixed MXN exchange rate for when you need your currency - up to one year.

Limit Order

Limit Order

When you have a target MXN exchange rate you want to reach and timing isn’t important.

Stop Loss Contract

Stop Loss

When you don’t want to convert to MXN below a certain exchange rate and timing isn’t crucial.

Corporate Currency Exchange Service

Speak to an expert about buying Mexican Pesos


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