Do you want to send regular amounts to family or friends in India, or do you need to transfer a large sum? A small difference in the GBP/INR exchange rate can make a significant difference to how many Indian Rupees you get for your Pounds. Our currency exchange service can beat the banks as well as other foreign exchange brokers -  buying Indian Rupees through us can save you thousands of Pounds.

Our service is designed to help you get access to highly competitive GBP/INR exchange rates, while dealing with experienced currency specialists who can act as your eyes and ears on the market. We’ve simplified the process of buying Indian Rupees with Pounds to three simple steps. Anytime you need help, your personal broker is just a phone call away and will always be on hand to help.

Why use us to convert Pounds to Indian Rupees?

Your Contract Options

Spot Contract

Spot Contract

When you need to buy Rupees and transfer them at the current exchange rate.

Forward Contract

Forward Contract

When you need a fixed GBP/INR exchange rate for when you need your currency - up to 1 year.

Limit Order

Limit Order

When you have a target GBP/INR exchange rate in mind and timing isn’t important.

Stop Loss Contract

Stop Loss

When you don’t want to convert to Rupees below a certain rate and timing isn’t crucial.

Corporate Currency Exchange Service

Speak to a broker about buying Indian Rupees


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