Beer is a beloved drink in many parts of the world. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find many places where you can’t get a pint of it. With that in mind, it’s obviously pretty important to know how much it’ll set you back in another country whether you’re moving there or just taking a trip.

So, to help you out, here’s a map detailing the price of a pint of domestic beer in various countries around the world using data from Numbeo.

It turns out Ukraine is the cheapest place with a pint coming in at just 42p. On the other hand, Qatar is the most expensive by far with a pint at an eye-watering £7.59! Best to avoid the United Arab Emirates and Norway too where you’ll be spending more than £6 a pint.

If you are planning on heading to Ukraine to take advantage of this bargain, you should know the right cities to head to. You’ll want to go to either Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, or Kharkiv where you’ll be able to get a drink for 33p, 37p, and 41p respectively.

For elsewhere in the world, if you’re going to North America, you’ll want to spend time in Cuba where you can enjoy a cheap pint with your cigar. The cheapest beer in the region can be found in Havana where you’ll only have to cough up a measly 65p.

Heading down to South America and you’ll want to aim for Ecuador where you can get a nice, cold beer for 67p, although if you go to the city of Quito you can save a mighty 2p per pint on that.

In Africa, Ethiopia will get you the most for your money at 65p a pint, while Saudi Arabia is the cheapest in the Middle East at 52p. Travelling further east into Asia and Vietnam offers the best value with pints at 45p.

Finally, Australia just cinches it in Australasia with a cost of £3.22 a pint.

And there you go. That should make any travel plans a little bit easier. Drink responsibly!


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