Looking from the outside in, the situation in France may not seem the best right now but it may not be anywhere near as worrying as one may think. I am a British expat living in Rennes in Brittany on the western side of France and can give you some insight in to what is actually happening on this side of the channel currently.


My morning usually starts with a short walk to the bakery to get some fresh bread and that has not changed, apart from us having to queue a meter apart outside the door. Not so bad really and it gives me a chance to get to chat with the people living around me that I may not meet so often.

Getting time in front of a doctor is not difficult at all yet either, my partner felt slightly under the weather on Monday and saw a GP within a couple of house of calling to get an appointment.


The bars and restaurants are usually the life and soul of Rennes but staying in is not so bad at the moment as Canal + (French equivalent to Sky) have given everyone free premium accounts during the confinement stages so that we can all enjoy sport re-runs and our favorite TV shows.


Going shopping is also yet to be a challenge, yes of course some stocks are low but due to people being reasonable and thinking about the greater good very few people have panic bought all the toilet paper and bottles of water.


There is generally a very positive vibe going through the French population at the moment. The idea that we are all in this together is one that resounds strongly.


The few people that are out in the street all seem very cheerful and upbeat, not surprising given the amazing weather that we have been having these last few days. Some flowers have started to appear outside and hopefully will be well on their way to their full color and seize by the time that we are all allowed to roam freely again.


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