Yesterday, Parliament returned to session following its Summer recess, and MPs have voted to take control of the legislative agenda from the government.


First, this is to try and pass a law obliging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to request a second extension to Article 50, the UKs Brexit timetable, to prevent us exiting the EU without a deal on October 31st. Second, its because Mr. Johnson has announced that hell prorogue Parliament from September 12th to October 14th.


Mr Johnson has claimed that this is to give the him time to prepare his legislative agenda, as is Westminster convention when theres a new government. However, Mr. Johnsons critics say that its to prevent opposition MPs altering his Brexit plans. Well learn if opposition MPs succeed in passing a law preventing a ‘No Deal Brexit later today.

Boris Johnson will seek general election to gain parliament majority 


However, now that MPs will debate legislation obliging Mr. Johnson to request an extension to Article 50, the PM has declared that hell seek a general election.


This is because, first, by voting to debate blocking a ‘No Deal Brexit, MPs have indicated that they dont have confidence in Mr. Johnsons Brexit strategy. Secondly, the PM has announced that the Conservative MPs who voted with the opposition yesterday will be banned from the Tory Party. This threat was meant to ensure Conservative MPs loyalty, yet 21 Tory MPs voted with the opposition yesterday, so Mr. Johnson has now lost his Parliamentary majority.


Given this, the PM will seek a general election to try and gain more MPs. It’s thought that if the PM calls for a general election this week, it could be held on October 14th, before the UK exits the EU on Halloween.


Considering the UKs quickly shifting political landscape and refreshed uncertainty about the future of Brexit, which has impacted sterling exchange rates profoundly until now, we have seen considerable movement in the sterling interbank exchange rate.


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