Well, these have been the most testing times we have had in all our 17 years since moving to Spain, mainly because we have never, as a family of 4, spent all this time together under one roof.


Our daily routines usually consist of me working from our Foreign Currency Direct office here in Orihuela Costa and visiting affiliates in theirs, my daughter working at a Dentist surgery in our local town, my son at University in Murcia (clever clogs) and my husband working for home. Therefore, having us all at home has most definitely, been different for my husband at least.

Our usual daily life in Spain is fabulous, and I encourage anyone who can and wants to move here and follow their dreams but for now the Coronavirus virus is making all our daily routines more fractured and restricted than normal and we are adhering to all we are told.

Today, for example, my daughter went to the local supermarket as she is the only one who has left the house at all in the last 6 days, to help us stock up. She was handed gloves as she entered our local Mercadona and only bought what we needed for the next few days. She told us when she came back how she found it amusing that the store was full of older men (only 1 person per family can visit the supermarket at a time) on their phones to their wives back at home showing them foods on the shelves as they obviously had no clue what to buy…

As we are all at home trying to continue with our daily duties in different rooms of the house, we have decided to hold a “family house party “tonight at 8pm in our kitchen. We will dress up as if we are going out, meet in our kitchen, eat, drink and play games, I am really looking forward to this as have not worn my trademark red lipstick all week and am beginning to feel I am starting resemble Super Gran from the eighties TV series than my normal self.

This is obviously a lighthearted look at what is happening, but we need to listen to the experts and respect what we are being told and even if it takes 2, 3 months or more. One thing is for sure, we will all have that silver lining at the end of it, whatever your silver lining may be.


So, we are on lockdown in Spain, with a few exceptions it seems. I must admit it does feel strange working from my living room. I love being out of the house, meeting and talking to people but now even my cat has started to ignore me at home.

The streets are quiet outside, but we have a full house here behind our closed doors. Our Son is back from University and my daughter has moved back for the lockdown, I would hope to simply be nearer to us, but I have a sneaking suspicion our full fridge and food cupboard was more appealing to her than us at home.

All of my conversations with clients over the last few days are based on the current situation here, with restrictions in place due to COVID-19. The people I speak with seem interested to hear how we feel about being at home, and have enjoyed hearing how the local town hall workers are still all out in masks cleaning the local parks, and that local builders are on the work sites continuing to build homes. Generally, people don’t seem to be put off of getting here and starting a new life, if anything they seem more eager to catch a plane, a good sign of how we will all bounce back from from this time. 

Everything that seemed so normal last week seems like a luxury now; walking to the shop, strolling around the shopping centre, meeting a pal for a coffee. Now this will be something to look forward to, especially for my family as I am sure I will be driving them mad very soon.

For now I will continue to work hard and keep positive and as an act of kindness and thoughtfulness,  I am happy to rent my dog out for €25 an hour to do my bit to help the locals get a little daily walk around our well-groomed local parks…


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