Wednesday – 25.03.2020

Today we saw the sun show its gorgeous face once again!

I have realised this morning that I’ve taken the Sun totally for granted since we moved to Spain 16 years ago(ish)

Yesterdays rain made me sad and feel a little down, even though we cant go out at the minute with the current lockdown due to Coronavirus, having the option to even sit in the garden taken away from me by the rain made me feel even more isolated. This is totally out of character for me so It has made me think that the sun here and moving to Spain has most definitely helped me mentally over the years and I cannot imagine living back in the Uk now, if you are thinking about making theta move to Spain then do it ! As soon as we can get back to normal anyway.

So, today we are happy and feeling a lot more positive, those Zombies still maybe just outside my gate but today I feel I could tackle them and take them down like Brad Pitt in World War Z ! (Or I could simply have just had too much sugar on my cornflakes today ) I think its a mixture of sugar and sunshine myself.

Our daughter went to work again today and has just rang form the supermarket to say the streets are eerily quiet, maybe now people have the food in that they need and the panic buying, aisle filling numpties are home, or simply they have all been taken down by those Zombies !

I ventured out with the dog today, mask on and carrier bag in hand, we went to our local shop which is basically first line beach here in El Mojon. Hearing the sea and the waves crashing made me feel happy and even though there is still a slight cold breeze the sun felt amazing on my face. I was happy to support Alfredo in buying a few essential bits, like milk and crisps (essential to stop us going crazy) even though these were double the price of in Mercadona. I felt he may need a bit of local support and will pop there again tomorrow to see what we can swap him a couple of euros for.



Tuesday – 24.03.2020

Today had a tiny bit of excitement, I thought I may have to leave the house !

It has rained here constantly now for nearly 24 hours, we are lucky enough to live just four roads back from the beach in a small town on the most southern point of Alicante but we get hit hard when the rain comes. As the town is near the beach all of the water from the rainfall flows down from the local town and seems to be happy collecting around our house and in particular, our car.

This is the ONLY negative I have about living here in Spain, so I can live with that eh?

With the really awful storms we had here last September my car needed many, many new parts and sometimes the damage isnt seen for a long while due to less visible water corrosion, so waking up to the rainfall again today didnt make me feel great about the possibility of that happening again, but I didnt need the car anyway, did I?

So, I got dressed, stuck to my normal routine and started my day with our daily international team call, touching base with all my team members and seeing how we are all getting on. After this my laptop begged for a bit of power so I plugged in its juice and carried on merrily with my work.

As the afternoon started my screen went duller and I then realised that my laptop hadnt been charging at all. I was naively working away thinking it was happily doing its job. I have had no luck with chargers over the past few months and then realised I would have to leave the house to try and get a new one from our office to continue to be able to work from home! My husband frantically looked in his cable box ( Iam assured every man has one !)} but to no avail, so, I would have to leave the house!

Armed with a note from Ellena to show the Guardia if stopped (I felt like my mate had written me a pretend letter from mom to get off school and wag it) I was dressed ready to go out when my lovely colleague Amelia from the UK called me to see how I was doing.

I told her my predicament and said I felt as though I was about to face Zombies as the thought of the journey outside filled me with dread for many reasons. At this point she said ” I will send you log a link for our workspace and see if your hubby can put it on his computer”

So, in a nutshell, my clever colleague sent me a link, which my clever hubby installed onto his desktop so this not so clever zombie fearing old woman could continue with her day!

Another busy day for a lock downed Expat living in Spain!


Monday – 23.03.2020

So, today we have been told we have another 15 days on lockdown. My day must remain as normal as possible, alarm set, up, showered and ready for the day. Apart from Saturday and Sunday but to be honest its beginning to all morph into one day.

My husband said this last week, when we first learnt about the lockdown here, to try and keep our routines as normal as possible as in working hours, getting dressed etc.  Ironic as he hasnt worked for anyone for at least 10 years here in Spain and has moved from his bed to his desk in our living room, but I guess this makes him an expert.

With the property market being on standstill here my regular calls to my affiliates have become a little more personal and have included more light hearted talk and conversations, I feel this has made us closer as we share these strange times and share our stories of not killing family members over the weekend and how irritating we find our partners little quirks that possibly made us drawn to them in the beginning, my list is getting longer and I found myself huffing at Andy breathing earlier, poor man.

Trying to think outside of the box today has put me back in touch with some old work mates who I probably wouldnt have got around to talking to in a long time, our friendships have rekindled and a want to help each other survive during the lockdown has made up put our heads together again like old times. We are all certain that after this lockdown period due to coronavirus that the market will spring back into action and we will have an influx of lovely people looking for that new life in Spain.

Outside the streets remain quiet and the rain pouring makes the days seem longer, my daughter has had to go to work today as the dental surgery has emergencies and she is on supermarket duty on the way home, gloves and mask at the ready. Hopefully she will have some more tales to tell when she gets back and I will share them tomorrow.

Thank goodness staying in is the new going out!


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