Are you looking to send money to the UK? Whether you’re selling up to move back, or hoping to make England your second home, getting your currency exchange right is a key aspect of your move.


Planning Ahead

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has put many plans on hold, especially when it comes to moving overseas. But as we see lock down measures around the globe begin to relax slightly, we can see the promise of housing markets picking up once international travel goes back to relative normality. Even if you aren’t moving back in the next few weeks or months, repatriating your funds is something you should consider in advance. Speaking with a currency exchange provider enables you to get an idea of the budget you’re working with when moving back to or buying a second home in the UK.


How to Transfer Your Money to The UK

  1. Create an account, This takes a couple of minutes, is free, and comes with no obligation to transfer currency.
  2. Agree your exchange rate over the phone with your Account Manager, once you’ve decided which contract suits you best. You can also request a quote here for an online and a member of our team will give you a call back.
  3. We send you written confirmation of your currency exchange
  4. Send us payment for the currency purchase
  5. Let us know the details of the recipient’s bank account
  6. We transfer the currency to your nominated recipient
  7. Your recipient receives the funds


How to send your funds to us

Sending funds to us is simple and can be done in a number of ways; set up a transfer from your bank using online, telephone or in branch banking. You can also use a bankers draft I youre selling in Spain, explained in further detail below.

To send a payment to us, youll need:

Banker’s Drafts – Selling in Spain

If youre selling in Spain and you’re going to receive a bankers draft, we can pay this directly into our euro account, helping you avoid fees from your bank. This will be arranged by a member of our team on the ground in Spain and collected directly from your notary on the day of your completion.


Sending Euros from France

We have a euro account based in France, which means your Notaire can deposit funds directly from your house sale. This makes it a much simpler and faster process than sending funds to a UK based euro account.


How to Make Sure Your Funds Are Secure

You should always deal with a currency exchange specialist which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (like us). This is because an FCA-authorised company will adhere to the UK’s legal and regulatory requirements to safeguard your funds when you transfer money.

FCD is authorised by the FCA as an Electronic Money Institution (Firm Reference Number 902022). You can check the FCA register here for peace of mind.


Why use a Currency Exchange Specialist Rather than your bank?

Some people think of using their bank for transferring funds abroad, having already used them for their everyday financial needs, but you could find yourself paying more than you need to for your  international money transfer. The saving you could make by using a specialist foreign exchange provider can be significant.

We exist because high-street banks often arent set up to offer the kind of service we think our clients deserve when it comes to sending money overseas. Whether its their rates of exchange, or the inability to speak with someone on the phone when they need to.

Our dedicated account managers will take the time to get to know your needs and talk you through the different options available in plain English. There are a number of different contract options available, depending on where you are with the sale of your property:


Spot Contract

A spot contract is used to purchase currency at the current exchange rate and settle within two working days. This contract is ideal if you have all of your money available and wish to move money swiftly.


Forward Contract

An agreement to buy a certain amount of currency at the current exchange rate for a date in the future without having to pay for it all up-front. You can lock into a rate of exchange for up to 12 months in advance, paying approximately 10% to secure your currency and then paying for your currency any time in the three months prior to the date you have booked your contract until. This product is great if you have placed a deposit down on a foreign property and you wish to protect yourself against adverse exchange rate movements whilst waiting for the sale to complete.


Market Order – Limit

When you have a particular exchange rate that you wish to achieve that is not available at the moment you can set a market order. This essentially means that once your target exchange rate (please note this will differ to the interbank rate) becomes available we will buy your currency for you automatically and would then require settlement within a previously agreed time frame. This contract type is great if you are working to an exact budget or quite simply do not have the time to monitor markets closely but want to trade should a desired level become available.


Market Order – Stop Loss

Similar to a limit order, a stop loss order is where you can set a level that you would not wish your trading rate to be any lower than. This can be handy if you cannot afford for your exchange rate to fall any further than a specific level, but you have a little time to wait and want to see if the rate improves. It protects you so that you know your ‘worst case scenario. Should your order fill then we would require settlement within a previously agreed time frame.


Preparing for Your Move

There are plenty of jobs you can do to prepare for moving day while you wait for the market to pick up once more. If you’re thinking of repatriating to the UK, or moving here for the first time, download our moving abroad checklist to stay organised and make sure you don’t forget anything!



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