A quiet week for US data ahead, it would appear that USD strength may have hit its peak with GBP/USD rates creeping back up to the 1.50 mark.

GBP/USD starting to head back towards 1.50

In my last report I suggested that the Dollar sell rates may be at their peak and so far this appears to be looking like it may be correct.

The four predicted interest rate hikes for 2016 now will be highly unlikely and yesterday members of the Federal Reserve were commenting that they may even wait on the result of the referendum before making their next interest rate hike. I personally would not be surprised to see GBP/USD through 1.50 in the next two weeks.

Today we have a fairly quiet day on the markets for the U.S with the most notable release being the Baker Hughes oil rig count, due out right at the end of the day.

At the last count, the number of oil rigs in operation was at the lowest point we have seen in years. The figure came in at 406 compared to 888 at the same time last year. This release can impact a number of currencies and really does go to show how much trouble the oil industry has found itself in.

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