Donald Trump has landed himself in more trouble over controversial comments surrounding a Muslim solider who died fighting for the US. These elections could be some of the most volatile in history for the currency.

Election Update: Has Donald Trump ruined his shot at the White House?

Donald Trump may have blown his chances at the Presidency according to some reports after his latest fiasco involving the parents of a US war hero who was killed by a car bomb in 2004 and gave his life in the call of duty.

Mr Trump has questions the motives as to why US Army Capt Humayun Khan’s mother was silent as his father spoke, implying that it was their religion which meant she couldn’t talk.

Donald trump has seemed to do well off of controversial statements in the past making his way into the headlines on more than one occasion for the wrong reasons. As the general election draws closer, critics are claiming that Trump will need to reach out to a wider audience in order to claim a win and disputes like this will hardly help his cause.

Will the Fed raise interest rates?

The US decided to keep rates unchanged at last week’s meeting which was then compounded by much weaker than expected US Q2 Gross Domestic Product data. The start of the week was little better for the US Economy as ISM (institute of supply management) which shows business conditions within the manufacturing sector came in worse than expected.

The Federal Reserve stated that ‘near-term risks to the economic output have diminished’ which could be a hint to the recent downturn from the Brexit. The main talking point for the week will be the UK’s interest rate decision, and if the UK do cut interest rates then USD sellers could see some great opportunities. For the US, eyes now turn to Friday’s data, the unemployment rate and non-farm payrolls as to see if the US can raise interest rates themselves this year.

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