The following report looks at Hillary's recent health concerns and the implications on the Presidential elections.

Hillary Clinton collapses due to pneumonia. Trump takes no Prisoners

On Sunday Hillary Clinton collapsed at a memorial service for 9/11 and was later diagnosed with pneumonia. It has been widely reported Clinton’s health could be an issue if she is to become the President of the United States. Clinton did have surgery for a blood clot in 2012. Trump was quickly on the attack following Clinton’s collapse, he did firstly state he wished her a speedy recovery, which was instantly deemed spurious as he went on the offensive.

He is definitely trying to play on Hillary’s health issues as he said he would release very specific numbers related to a medical examination he had last week. Trump and Clinton are among the oldest US presidential candidates in history.

Political uncertainty historically causes the currency in question to weaken and with Trump gaining in the poles a tighter election could see the green back drop in value. Clinton is considered to be the safer option as President in regards to the US economy. Trump’s positive movement in the polls has already caused the Mexican Peso to drop 10% this year following his remarks on immigration.

Retail Sales and CPI key Factors on Cable rates

Thursday brings Retail sales data. Figures are released at 13.30 and this will provide an indication as to the health of the US economy. This release will be eagerly anticipated by investors as there have been rumours from the Federal Reserve of a possible rate hike before the end of the year. Although the Fed is meant to a separate eternity to the government, I still feel it will push back a rate hike until next year. CPI is due out on Friday at 13.30 and this has the potential to move the market. I think there could be a slight increase in inflation and we could see a slight improvement in US dollar value.

The US elections are now 2 months away and with Trump now building momentum, the US Dollar could hit a vulnerable period. Call our trading floor on 01494 725 353 in the event you have a US Dollar requirement.


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