Will some individual snippets steal away some Euro value?

At the moment if you were discussing the Eurozone most have a very binary view of ‘us and them’, treating Europe as a whole rather than its individual countries – a by-product of a year talking about a potentially upcoming and eventual Brexit.

However, today we will get a rare glimpse into the individual make-up of the Eurozone, with performance figures from multiple key countries rather than an average of whole group.

This keeps it interesting. The Eurozone has great performers like Germany and anchors such as Greece, and this disparity and comprehensive look into performance can sometimes be obscured by any averages produced.

Yet today a more comprehensive picture will emerge with Spanish, Italian, French, German, Greek and Portuguese performance in key areas such as growth, inflation, manufacturing and employment to hit the market throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Will this halt the rally which has seen the Euro really against the Pound and Dollar since the beginning of the week?

The expectation is for a more apprehensive atmosphere towards the Euro, and with the upcoming Dutch election set to kick off a contentious year for the Eurozone, Euro sellers may be wise to take advantage of the slight improvements against your favour since last Friday. Currently anyone selling €200,000 is getting over £2000 during this short period, and the sensible option would be to lock this profit from the market in if you can.

You can speak to your account manager here about the available options to pre-book your currency if your funds are not yet available, for example from an upcoming property sale.

Beyond this the French elections have already shown a slightly larger crack in the door for challenges to EU membership from anti-EU parties, but with so much happening in March on both sides of the Channel a shorter term view for your transfer will be wise, and your dedicated broker here can keep you abreast of how these may affect more medium term forecasts for the Euro’s value.

Key events this week could shape Euro exchange rates and it may be prudent to discuss any upcoming requirements with your assigned currency broker. Call our trading floor on 01494 725 353 or email me here if you wish to discuss a currency transfer.


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