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another 2 members of the FED will give speeches on Friday.

US Shutdown Weighs Heavy on US Dollar

The US Dollar remains under considerable pressure as political uncertainty continues to be a major driving force for Dollar exchange rates. In fact the US Dollar has become the worst performing G10 currency despite stronger economic growth and the likelihood of further interest rate rises throughout 2018.

Although the temporary Government shut down has been resolved for the time being this issue is likely to return again when government funding will expire February 8th. What has actually happened here is that the can has been kicked down the road another couple of weeks with no real further progress made.

US Dollar Cost of Future Shutdowns

The markets are now becoming concerned that there may be further shutdowns if negotiations over immigration continue to hit a stalemate. President Trump must decide whether to allow the 700,000 illegal immigrants who arrived to the US as children to stay and there is also the issue of building the wall between Mexico and the US and this all needs to be agreed in the Senate.

The last time the US shutdown took place was in 2013 and lasted for 16 days which could signal things to come. Government shutdowns are bad for the US economy and it is no surprise the Dollar has weakened so dramatically. Between 1995 and 1996 there were two government shutdowns which were estimated to have cost the government $1.4 billion. Considering Donald Trumps’ business background this may be a hard pill to swallow.

The issue of the debt ceiling is also starting to become a concern. Government shutdowns are one thing but Congress will soon need to agree to raise the US debt ceiling which is expected to take place sometime in March when funds run out. More political instability could follow at this time putting added pressure on the Dollar.

Data today sees US mortgage applications, existing home sales numbers as well as Purchasing Managers Index data for the manufacturing and services sectors.

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