This Pound Sterling forecast discusses factors that could impact GBP exchange rates this week in order to keep you informed if you should need to make a currency exchange.

Pound spikes against all major currencies

We have had an extremely busy week on the trading floor here at and we have seen Sterling exchange rates spike up against all major currencies. For the second day running yesterday the Pound was the best performing of the majors, mainly down to news that the remain campaign are starting to creep ahead in the referendum polls.

The Pound lost a great deal of ground at the start of the year and most of this had been down to uncertainty surrounding the referendum and once Boris made his decision to oppose David Cameron he really sent the Pound crashing down.

For a long time now I have been fairly positive about where I feel the Pound will head and although there are a lot of media reports suggesting Sterling is in for a huge drop, the current state of play in the polls is slowly pushing exchange rates back up again.

Markets move on speculation as well as fact, so expect sharp swings over the next few weeks as new information comes out. The key in a market like this is to be smart and take advantage of spikes in your favour as and when they arise.

By informing us here of your currency requirement we can monitor the markets for you and act as your eyes and ears on the market. We also have a range of contract types including limit orders and forward contracts, designed to help you maximise your rate of exchange.

Contact me at if you wish to discuss these options in more detail.


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