Yesterday morning saw the sterling euro interbank rate of exchange drop to the lowest levels that have been seen since the start of the year as the pound continues to struggle amidst Brexit concerns.

Currency Pair% Change (Month)Difference on £200,000

The euro has gained just under 1.5% against the pound over the past month. The main reason behind the movement is sterling weakness, even though there is little positive news from the euro at present. If we did start to see any Brexit progress or slightly more positive news for the pound there could potentially be a turn around. The trouble is, as discussed in the sterling section of our reports there is no clear light at the end of the tunnel at present.

Euro Holds Against the US Dollar

European economic data next week

There is not a huge amount of economic data left to be released during the course of this week, but next week brings a flurry of important economic data that could perhaps lead to volatility for the euro.

On Monday the unemployment rate for the Eurozone as a whole is released, expectations are for a slight rise in the unemployment rate to 7.7% which could be viewed as a negative for the euro should the release come out as expected.

Also on Monday,  is the release of manufacturing data, with services and retail sales figures to follow on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

It is clear that the European economy also has many troubles of its own and there are much larger problems bubbling away under the surface that one day will break through, but Brexit seems to be a distraction for the media spotlight and until we see the other side of this, the euro may not suffer as much as it should if these issues were in the spotlight.

One of these issues being Italy, which was widely discussed in yesterday’s euro report by my colleague James Lovick and is well worth a read.

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