Concerns for Iron Ore prices could hurt the Australian economy in the weeks and months ahead which begs the question: Is the Pound well positioned to make further gains against the Australian Dollar? The below table provides Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate changes for the past 30 days.

Currency Pair% ChangeDifference on £200,000

Iron ore prices give bad signs for the Australian Dollar

The mining firm Atlas Iron which has seen its shares plummet by 99.7% (from $4.26 in July 2011 to 1.3 cents) has admitted it faces an “uncertain road ahead” if iron ore prices continue to slump. February saw iron ore prices hit $90 highs not seen since September 2014 until more recent woes of oversupply saw the price tumble to just over $60 per tonne. Even more worrying news for the Australian Economy comes from a recent report published by BMI Research, finding the price of iron ore is likely to continue to plummet until at least 2021 where it could reach lows of just $46 per tonne.

This could spell future long term weakness for Australian mining companies and the AUD. An analyst at MineLife, Gavin Wendt has determined a critical operating level for most second-tier iron ore producers sits at just below $60 per tonne.

With GBP/AUD hitting fresh 7 month highs this morning I believe there are two main factors as the cause:

  • As iron ore is the biggest export for Australia, accounting for 20% ($37.5bn) of all exports, the value of AUD is significantly linked to the current and future value of iron ore.
  • Retail sales released this morning for Australia were weaker than the 0.3% expected, at -0.1%.

A combination of these has allowed GBP/AUD to strengthen significantly this week, a transfer of £250,000 could now earn you an extra AUD$13,250 when compared to this time last week.

Economic data releases for AUD

Later this morning at 9:30am the yearly budget is announced. There are worries if the government decides to continue increasing spending further we could see Australia’s already fragile AAA S&P credit rating downgraded, giving our well-informed clients with an AUD purchase requirement the opportunity of a temporary spike in the market to act upon.

Wednesday at 1:30am we see the release of Chinese producer price and consumer price index figures. With the Chinese economy being the largest single export destination for Australian exports (33%), a release below market expectations could cause short term AUD weakness.

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