Liza has been enjoying life in Mallorca for over 38 years. Having worked all over the world touring with Qatari royalty as a private chef, Liza now runs a successful interior design company specialising in super yachts and is a part owner of an exclusive hotel in Formentera.

Following a recommendation from a trusted friend who already used Foreign Currency Direct, Liza contacted us as well as a number of other currency brokers.

Why Liza exchanges foreign currency

With her life based in Mallorca, Liza had some finance to pay off following an impulse buy during a trip back to the UK; "I couldn’t resist, whilst back in the UK I bought myself a rather expensive motorcycle and also one for my husband, and a new car too!".

Liza was paying off the UK-based finance monthly from Mallorca and getting a poor exchange rate from her bank so she decided to pay it off in one go.

Liza was looking to get the most for her money and was impressed with the introduction to the foreign exchange service.

I spoke to other currency brokers and it all sounded so complicated, but when I spoke with Steve he was so friendly and professional and explained everything so clearly.

What Liza had to say about her experience

Following the introduction from a close friend, and being so impressed by the initial conversation Liza decided to use Foreign Currency Direct to convert her Euros to Pounds and send them back to the UK. She commented "I was so impressed, I would email in and get a response either by email or phone within 5 minutes, it felt like I was Steve’s only client - such a personal service". "Once I'd given the go ahead for the exchange I had the money in my UK account within hours! That was a deal breaker for me".

When asked what she particularly liked about the currency exchange service Liza said:

"My Account Manager was so attentive, the level of service was second-to-none. Everything was so simple, I just put the money into your bank down the road here and you took care of everything. Steve’s calls were informative but there was no pressure, he was really friendly and professional".


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