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  • FED Rate hike probable

    Janet Yellen, the Chair of the Fed is due to give a speech tomorrow in which she will discuss monetary policy and could give some insight into future plans.

  • No Trump Boost for US Economy

    The outlook for USD is slow growth until 2020 according to economic analysts, with Trump’s conduct potentially hindering the Dollar rather than helping.

  • Dollar still finding support as interest rate hike looms

    Investors look to December 13th for the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, where a rate hike from 1.25% up to 1.5% is expected.

  • Will GBP/USD fall below 1.30?

    With producer prices increasing by more than expected in October & inflation growing at a 5 year high an interest rate hike in December grows more likely.

  • President Donald Trump end his Asia Pacific Tour

    A positive set of US inflation data this week could support the cause for an interest rate hike in December, with a fall from 2.2% to 2% expected.

  • Delay in tax reform bill weakens the Dollar

    Friday of last week saw GBP gain by almost 1% with the latest tax reform bill being pushed back to 2019, making a $200.000 £1,500.00 less if timed well.

  • 1 year since Donald Trump won the Election

    The latest US unemployment data figure has risen from from 10k to 239k which is likely to be a delayed reaction from hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

  • Major volatility expected for US dollar exchange rates

    With the main indicators for an interest rate hike present in the US, the likelihood of an increase in December is increasing which would strengthen USD.

  • More Dollar strength ahead?

    The US stock market hit its highest level in history yesterday, consumer confidence is also on the rise and has increased by 10.5% in November.

  • Donald Trump In Japan

    Trump has encouraged President Abe to purchase more US made weapons in order to create more jobs, suggesting that the US makes the best defence weaponry.

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