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  • Will the Swiss National Bank intervene again?

    The Swiss Franc continues to strengthen with Brexit and the US elections causing market uncertainty. Tomorrow’s consumer price could help bolster the Swiss Franc further.

  • ECB makes the Swiss Franc more expensive

    With the recent ECB decision CHF has taken a recent dive. Will the SNB decide to lower interest rates or take a different approach?

  • Risk aversion to continue to bolster the Swiss Franc?

    The Swiss Franc has benefited greatly from the recent global uncertainty. The GBP/CHF exchange rate (Pound to Swiss Franc) is currently at its lowest level since May 2015.

  • Swiss Franc set for rally? GBP/CHF rates to test lower 1.40s?

    Exchanging Pounds to Swiss Franc has been getting more expensive since December. This has been mainly due to weakness in the Pound, rather than Swiss Franc strength, However this could change with trade figures for the Swiss economy due today.

  • UBS Consumption Indicator figures

    Swiss UBS Consumption data out tomorrow morning to impact Swiss Franc exchange rates.

  • Will the Swiss Franc continue to fall?

    Today poor Swiss employment figures could result in further losses for the Swiss Franc, while we expect tomorrow’s consumption data to reflect reduced demand for goods. This could offer good opportunities for buying Swiss Francs.

  • Will the Swiss Franc be affected by the Volkswagen scandal?

    The VW car market forms quite a large part of the Swiss economy and I think this could see the CHF weaken against the Pound.

  • Swiss Central bank loses billions

    Following the huge strengthening against the Euro, the Swiss national bank has been losing billions since the start of the year.

  • Market Report – Joshua Privett – Foreign Currency Direct Plc

    There will be a comprehensive set of data released this morning from the UK and EU economic sectors as a whole. These will measure price changes in the industrial and consumer sectors, which are significant indicators when calculating inflation for the economy as a whole.

  • Foreign Currency Direct – Election special – Daniel Wright

    Until we have some clear results from this election then we are in exactly that position, therefore demand in the Pound slows and Sterling’s value could more than likely drop.

    I thought it may be prudent to outline the possibilities that may arise in the coming days, weeks or even months and how they could impact on the value of the Pound.

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