New Zealand Dollar Market Reports & Forecasts

To keep in the know, read our forecasts and market reports on the New Zealand Dollar. With information on currency rate changes, economic and political events and forecasts. Our reports will ensure you don’t miss any important details that could affect New Zealand Dollar exchange rates.

  • New Zealand Election too close to call

    With the result to close to call, New Zealand’s General Election on Saturday looks likely to cause volatility for New Zealand Dollar exchange rates.

  • Election Trail Begins

    China recently released very positive economic data, which has lent support to well performing NZD. Future data releases are expected this week.

  • Interest Rate Decision Wednesday

    After a strong run for NZD, economic factors such as house price fluctuations and struggling inflation rates are starting to slow the rise of the currency.

  • New Zealand’s interest rate decision key this week

    If the Reserve Bank of New Zealand seem dovish about interest rate hikes it could weaken the NZD, presenting an opportunity for those buying New Zealand Dollars with Pounds.

  • Converting NZD to Pounds at best levels in 5 months

    New Zealand trade balance figures showed the 4th consecutive surplus in June, driven by rising dairy exports which has lent support to a strengthening NZD.

  • NZD trade figures beat expectations

    Balance trade figures and Merchandise trade figures have both come in at a surplus in recent months which has added to the NZD strength of late.

  • RBNZ rates on hold at 1.75%

    We saw the Reserve Bank of New Zealand keep the base interest rate the same, which was released overnight, this was largely expected.

  • Where next for the New Zealand Dollar?

    With the Pound currently experiencing a difficult time against the New Zealand Dollar is now the time to sell New Zealand Dollars to buy Sterling?

  • New Zealand Dollar finishes week on a high

    A lower than expected figure of 0.5% for Q1 growth figures caused the New Zealand Dollar to weaken against GBP. But NZD was then boosted by positive Business PMI data for June.

  • New Zealand Dollar to gain on growth improvements

    We are seeing optimism in the New Zealand Dollar, caused by an increased demand for Kiwi goods and the lack of an interest rate cut.

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