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  • Low risk appetite boosts JPY

    Worries over geopolitical tensions has investors looking for alternative safe haven currencies. The Japanese Yen is now at a 6-month high against the Pound.

  • BoJ’s Interest rate decision this week

    The Japanese economy continues to show signs of struggle following following poor Machine Order figures yesterday. Will the Bank of Japan keep interest rates on hold this Thursday?

  • Yen holds steady by hold in interest rate

    The BoJ kept interest rates on hold this morning, prompting Yen strength for the time being, but how long can the bank keep rates in negative territory before investors shy away?

  • Shinzo Abe’s economics 3 years on

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is set to meet Trump to discuss the US-Japan security alliance. Trump has previously suggested that Japan should contribute more to the alliance which could hurt the Japanese economy.

  • Will the Pound to Japanese Yen exchange rate improve?

    The Japanese economy is showing mixed signs following stronger than expected PMI data coupled with slower exports. However, GBP/JPY exchange rates continue to be driven by UK politics.

  • Labouring and Luxuries boosting the Japanese economy

    Unemployment rates in Japan have fallen in recent months highlighting strength in the labour market. With the US elections fast approaching we may see further strength in the Yen.

  • Can the Olympics help Japan’s economy?

    With Japan hosting the summer Olympics in 2020, we ask whether hosting such an event is beneficial to a countries economy.

  • Buying the JPY at 140

    The Japanese Yen has weakened slightly in the news that a company has bought UK firm Arm. Further stimulus may be required for the Japanese economy which has been labelled ‘helicopter money’

  • Bank of Japan adds no stimulus

    The Yen continues to strengthen off the back of the outstanding EU Referendum. The BoJ have decided not to intervene with a stronger Yen despite Japan’s reliance on exports.

  • Bank of Japan adds no stimulus

    The Yen clawed back its losses yesterday after a surprise ‘no vote’ for further stimulus, the stage is now set for Japan’s GDP figures next month which will give investors key clues around the state of their manufacturing exports.

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