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To keep on top of the latest developments, read our forecasts and market reports on the Euro. With information on recent events, forecasts and Euro exchange rate changes, we’ll make sure you keep up to date on all of the important changes and details.

  • Greece makes progress and surprises at Eurogroup meeting

    Greece have taken positive steps to pay back their bailout loan which surprised many at the Eurogroup yesterday. The Eurozone’s concerns for Greece may diminish but political storms are still brewing.

  • Will Greek debt hit the headlines again soon?

    The ECB may have a short term solution to Greece’s debt problem but little can be done to save the nations 181% debt to GDP longer term.

  • Are there turbulent times ahead for the Euro?

    Greece’s debit crisis has created conflict between the European commission and IMF, with both expressing different views on how to tackle the issue. Could Greece become the next member to leave the EU?

  • European Union showing optimistic forecasts

    An EU report released Tuesday upgraded growth forecasts for the UK. It also highlighted stronger growth trajectory for the 19 states that use the Euro.

  • French election uncertainty and Greek debt weaken Euro

    The prospect of a Le Pen victory has intensified following allegations of fraud by the French favourite Francois Fillon, but EUR investors have further Eurozone concerns to contend with.

  • Will the Euro weaken further in 2017?

    Concerns that Greece will miss their repayment schedule in June have resurfaced prompting further market anxiety. Given the difficult year that lies ahead for the Eurozone their could be further scope for EUR weakness.

  • Will Britain divide the Eurozone with Brexit?

    Brexit may divide Europe, according to the EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker. Is this early signs that the EU’s negotiating stance is weakening and what could this mean for GBP/EUR?

  • Political worries weaken the Euro

    The Euro’s direction is being driven mostly by political concerns in Europe. The rise of far right political parties is making markets nervous as we approach the Dutch and French elections.

  • Euro losses continue on political and economic concerns

    The financial concerns in Greece and Italy have resurfaced following a warning from the IMF, and with investors already on edge regarding the elections in Europe GBP/EUR may find support later this year.

  • Euro fails to capitalise on the Pound’s instability

    Greece’s debt is once again in the spotlight with the IMF calling on huge debt relief to aid the struggling economy. Has Francois Fillon’s scandal handed Marine Le Pen the French elections?

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