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  • Sterling remains under pressure

    As hope of a UK interest rate hike in the near future slipped away following a drop in the inflation rate, the Pound remained under pressure.

  • Inflation a major concern for the UK economy

    Daniel Johnson discusses at the impact of the recent UK inflation figures and looks at tomorrow’s Retail Sales data release and it’s potential to impact Pound exchange rates.

  • Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair offers his opinions

    Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair gave his opinions on Brexit over the weekend, stating that the UK’s divorce from the European Union may still not happen, with the possibility that the vote could be overturned.

  • Can GBP continue to climb on Friday’s gains?

    Tomorrow’s UK inflation data, released at 09:30am, could be the fundamental driver for Pound Sterling movement this week. If the numbers worry investors we could see GBP weakness.

  • Pound Sterling exchange rates remain unpredictable

    With Brexit raising more questions than answers the prospects for the Pound remain subdued. With the second round of Brexit negotiations starting next week, the uncertainty surrounding Sterling could be set to continue.

  • Unemployment and Average Earnings boost the Pound

    Following positive Unemployment and Average Earnings data yesterday the Pound rose against all of the major currencies and continued to strengthen against the Euro during the day by over 0.7%.

  • UK Unemployment and Interest Rates

    How could this morning’s Unemployment and Average Earnings data affect the Pound and impact the UK economy? Is a interest rate hike likely in 2017?

  • UK business investment sentiment falls

    The Pound weakened yesterday as it was announced that businesses are being more cautious over their investment plans in the UK, and that consumer spending on credit cards dropped dramatically in June.

  • Theresa May claims trade deal offers

    Over the weekend Theresa May revealed that during talks with other G20 leaders she had been “struck by their strong desires” for trade agreements, as discussions with the US, Japan, India and China were positive.

  • Growth prospects – how will the Pound hold up?

    Today we see the release of UK growth estimates for the last 3 months to June, in which murmurs of growth slowdown will need to be squashed.

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