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  • AUD looks set for decline

    Analysts now predict the Australian Dollar will lose significant value over the next two years, citing commodity prices and unemployment as two major factors.

  • Difficult week for AUD

    The Australian Dollar continues its downward trend following a raft of poor economic data this week. China have shown an interest in Australia’s beef industry which has opened the door to a new trade deal.

  • Sterling fights back against the Australian Dollar

    The Australian Dollar’s strong run against the Pound has been put to the test following a string of weak economic releases. With Article 50 now expected as early as next week will the current trend continue?

  • Australian Dollar to strengthen further?

    The Australian Dollar strengthened following the US interest rate decision last night, prompting Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rates to brake through the resistance barrier of 1.60.

  • Will Brexit cause GBP/AUD to fall below 1.60?

    The Australian Dollar has been on a run against the Pound this week, but today’s interest rate decision from the FED may present opportunities for Australian Dollar buyers.

  • Could the US interest rate decision weaken the Australian Dollar?

    The Pound has been suffering against the Australian Dollar recently due to positive Australian data and the uncertainty the surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU. Wednesday could provide an opportunity for those buying Australian Dollars with Sterling.

  • Australian Dollar exchange rates continue to strengthen

    The Australian Dollar has seen consecutive gains against its Sterling counterpart but with the FED expected to raise interest rates again, and the potential risks that may emerge in China, can the Australian Dollar continue its momentum?

  • Big week for GBP/AUD exchange rates

    Despite Australia enjoying 104 consecutive quarters of growth, the RBA may need to cut interest rates to tackle the rising problem of a strengthening currency.

  • Rocky times for interest rates and AUD strength

    It has been suggested that the RBA may cut interest rates as low as 1%, to tackle the problem of lower inflation and combat higher export prices. Australian Dollar weakness may emerge in the weeks ahead.

  • Australian Dollar set for strength today

    The Australian economy grew 1.1% in Q4, putting to bed concerns that the economy was slowing. Will the RBA look to raise interest rates in the near future and could be see GBP/AUD back below 1.60?

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