Money Transfer to Spain

Buying a holiday home or retiring to a warmer climate?  When you need to send money to Spain, getting the best exchange rate can make all the difference to the kind of life you can afford to live.  We make sure you get the best exchange rate when you transfer money to Spain.

We make the process of sending money to Spain quick, simple and painless too.  Whenever you have questions on your money transfer to Spain your own personal broker is a phone call away.

4 top reasons to use for sending money to Spain

  • Exceptional exchange rates: often 4% better than high street banks
  • No commission and no hidden fees
  • Security comes first
  • Personal service is a priority


Why use

  • Award winning exchange rates

    Save £400 on every £10,000 you transfer.  Our rates beat high street banks by up to 4% when you are transferring money to Spain.  You won’t find a better rate – we’ve been recognised in the national press as providing the best exchange rates compared to high street banks and other industry specialists.

  • No Commission or Hidden Fees

    Fees can make the difference between getting a good deal and getting a bad one.  With us, there are no hidden fees.  We don’t charge commission either. We make our money on the margins at which we buy and sell currency – not by charging our customers.

  • Secure Trading

    Your funds are completely secure. Your payments are lodged in separate accounts designated for client funds. We are registered with the Financial Services Authority and have a top credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet. We are prudent in our transactions and never speculate.

  • One to one Personal Service doesn’t use call centres or an automated phone system. You always talk to the same person, someone who knows your situation and who you trust to give you expert assistance with transferring money to Spain.

  • Fixed Exchange Rates

    With a forward contract and time option you can guarantee an exchange rate for up to 2 years.  Choosing a time option means you can draw down some or part of the money whenever you need to.

  • IPD (Irrevocable Payment Document)

    Our IPD (Irrevocable Payment Document) is internationally recognised proof when you send money to Spain.  You can be sure that your transaction has gone through safely and smoothly.

    Transferring money to Spain with us is easier than with your local bank

    Find out about our simple 6-step currency exchange process go to our sign up area and get started

    What you need:

    • IBAN (International Bank Account Number)*
    • BIC or SWIFT code
    • Beneficiary name of account (and address if possible)
    • Bank name (and address if possible)

    *Spanish IBANs are 24 characters long, beginning with ES.


    Want to talk to one of our dealers before making a decision about transferring money to Spain?

    UK freephone: 0800 328 5855

    International: +44 1494 725353

We make moving money easy We make moving money easy

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