International Money Transfers

Every day business and private individuals alike transfer money abroad for a variety of reasons. Thousands of people every year emigrate to a new life abroad while others fulfil their lifelong dream of owning a holiday home abroad. Also, as international trade barriers are reduced we are seeing more companies send money abroad, whether it is to pay salaries, buy goods or services from abroad or alternatively receiving investment from overseas companies. This all means that the currency market is one of the busiest market places there is.

As the demand to transfer money abroad increases so has the demand for a service which can help clients send money abroad efficiently and cost effectively. This is where we at Foreign Currency Direct plc come in.

Why Use Us To Transfer Your Money?

Our service is designed to take the stress, hassle and unnecessary costs out of overseas money transfers. We do not charge commissions and there are no hidden costs and our currency exchange rates mean that for clients looking to make an international money transfer we can save people money. In fact we have been highlighted throughout the national press for our excellent exchange rates, something we are very proud of. Sending money abroad with Foreign Currency Direct plc can save people thousands.

Our highly competitive exchange rates are not the only reason clients’ use our service, our personal customer service is also a major factor. We do not operate a call centre, when you call us you will be dialling straight through to the trading floor. When you speak to us for the first time you will be allocated one of our senior currency brokers who will be your personal point of contact here. This person will be on hand to help you at every step of the way, so if you have any questions or queries your broker will be happy to assist.

At Foreign Currency Direct plc you can be assured that we take the security of all our clients’ funds seriously. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and our principal bankers are Lloyds where we operate client segregated accounts. This means that when you are in the process of making an international money transfer with us your funds will be kept separate from the funds of the business to give you added peace of mind that your funds will be safe. If you would like to see our latest set of audited accounts you can download them from the Companies House website.

Get In Touch

So, if you are looking to send money abroad and you would like to find out why almost half of our business comes from recommendations and referrals call us today. You can call straight through to our dealing floor for free on 0800 328 5884 or alternatively email us on If you would like to read more information about transferring money abroad please read one of the following guides.

Transferring Money Around the World

Foreign Currency Direct specialises in transferring currency to various country locations. For more information on money transfers to a specific country, please make a selection from the table below.


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