Many people choose to move abroad to live out their retirement in more relaxing surroundings abroad. If you too are planning to emigrate from the UK during your retirement, the way that you claim your pension will be affected.

Currently retired expatriates

You can claim your basic state pension overseas. This is usually done by completing an international claims form and returning to the International Pension Centre (IPC).

The IPC can answer many questions about claiming your pension overseas, including how your claim will be affected if you have already started claiming in the UK but plan to move abroad.

Claiming pensions from other countries

There are some countries where you will have to claim your pension from their authority if you are currently living there and have worked there before, rather than claiming it from the UK.

There is a government provided list of the countries that enforce this rule – if you are living in a country not listed then it is recommended that you contact the IPC.



Questions about your pension?

Luckily for you, our moving abroad guide covers pension issues in great detail!

We have lots of details about how your emigration will affect your pension.

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