Moving abroad is going to be a big change, especially if it’s to a country where they don’t speak the same language as you. Once all the formalities are sorted, it’s time to work out how to make yourself comfortable and get used to your new surroundings.

Getting over the language barrier

It’s no surprise that places like Australia and America are popular with Brits – you don’t have to worry about picking up a new language. Of course, some people want to head off for more unfamiliar places. This is where language can get in the way.

The sooner you start learning the better. You shouldn’t rely on the fact that many foreigners speak a bit of English, even though that can be a life saver at times. No one is expecting you to be fluent, but to begin with aim for being able to order food and drink in a restaurant, ask for directions, and the general niceties such as hello, how are you, and good bye.

It might be worth considering taking up a language course before you go and while you’re there if you can. Anything that will make the transition smoother should be considered. It can be daunting to learn a new language, but give it enough time and you’ll be surprised at the progress you can make.

Expat Communities

If you’re after some familiarity and support, then it might be worth searching out some fellow Brits in the area you’ve chosen to live. In countries like Spain the expat communities are massive. They can be a great place to go for advice and help when things get a bit too stressful. You’ll also likely find shops nearby that do some of the old UK favourites that the local shops probably don’t stock.





Learning a language?

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