Classic Rock £1,000 Give Away

logo+currencies+orange1How can we do this you may well ask? It is fairly simple; experience has shown that many small to medium sized companies and private individuals do not realise that when it comes to currency transfers the rate offered by their bank is most certainly not the best rate they can achieve. In fact by exchanging money through their bank clients can lose up to 4% when compared to the rates offered by! That’s a staggering £10,000 on every £250,000.

As associated sponsors of the Classic Rock Awards 2010/2011/2012 and 2013 we have made a concerted effort to present ourselves in the music sector as a sound (no pun intended) responsible currency broker, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) already trusted by over 35,000 clients., an invaluable partner for FX in the music industry.

94% of our clients said they would use us again – only 94%? OK we are working on it!Print

Enthusiastic and committed we have a dedicated desk that specifically handles all music related currency enquiries. So, whatever your currency needs will save you time and stress and maybe a whole lot more besides…

So what have you got to lose? Well, £1000 for certain if you do nothing!

The next step is easy; we want you to try our service and benefit from our rates when you have currency you need to transfer whether you are buying or selling. To make this really tempting we are offering £1,000, yes a whopping £1000 as an incentive to trade through us*!

Neil Warnock of The Agency has this to say about our currency services:                        

“We have been working with since the beginning of 2011 and their rates and service levels are excellent. The turnaround on the funds cycle is virtually instantaneous and we are very satisfied with the service and have recommended to many others.”

Call us today on 0800 328 5884 or alternatively register for a free trading facility at and quote “Classic” when you register.

* Terms and conditions apply

Now the boring but necessary bit…..

9 Classic Rock Terms and Conditions

If you would like to find out how we could save you money on your transfers or if you would like more information on the promotion call us today on 0800 328 5884 or alternatively register for a free trading facility at and quote “Classic” when you register.

1)    Anyone registering for a trading facility with is eligible for £1,000 cash-back if they meet the qualifying criteria.

Print2)    The first qualifying criterion is to open a new trading facility with us quoting “Classic” when you register. We call that special trading facility, which must be fully compliant and subsequently authorized as directed by both H.M.R.C. and the Financial Conduct Authority to trade by, an “Account” in these Classic Rock Terms and Conditions.

3)    The second qualifying criterion is that the eligibility for £1,000 cash-back is strictly limited to one cash-back claim per individual / organization/ Household/Account. Should any of the forgoing or any part of these terms be ambiguous FCD’s decision or interpretation in respect to ambiguity may only be defined  by a Director or Officer of and our decision will be final.

4)    The final qualifying criterion is that between 15th November 2013 to the 14th November 2014, you must trade through the Account a minimum of £1,000,000.00 between (which we call the “Trading Condition”). This means you have a whole year to take full advantage of this exceptional offer. The promotion can be earned through either a single transaction or multiples trades. For example, you may trade £220k next week and then nothing for three months then you trade £260k three weeks running which totals one million pounds.

5)    If you meet the three qualifying criteria, then once you meet the Trading Condition, you can claim the £1000.00 cash-back (no more and no less!) which we will credit to your Account. There is no cash alternative.

6)    This offer solely applies to new Accounts opened on or after 15th November 2013 and cannot be transferred or amalgamated with existing or multiple applications or offers in any way whatsoever.

7)    The offer is limited to one claim of £1,000 per Account.

8)    Our standard terms and conditions apply to your dealings with us and to operation of the Account (see here:

9)    Foreign Currency Direct plc reserves the right to withdraw this offer without providing any prior notice.


Incorporated in England no. 5082565.    Foreign Currency Direct plc is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 [FRN 538392] for the provision of payment services.