• Post-election exchange rates and Brexit talks

    With Brexit negotiations now underway and political uncertainty rife in the UK, the Pound has been struggling against many of the major currencies, especially the Euro and US Dollar. Expect significant exchange rate volatility around any Brexit announcements.

  • Will the General Election in June affect Pound exchange rates?

    How will the snap election in June impact the Pound and could it change the course of Brexit? If you have a currency transfer to perform this article will help you to make an informed decision.

  • How will Article 50 impact Pound to Euro exchange rates?

    The two year window for Article 50 has now commenced and the direction of the Pound now hinges on the negotiations that follow.

  • Best time to buy Euros in 2017

    The Pound reached its highest level against the Euro this year, as markets prepare themselves for a potential Marine Le Pen victory. These levels may not present themselves for long with the UK expected to begin its withdrawal from the EU in the coming weeks.

  • When is the best time to buy foreign currency in 2017?

    The potential for more US interest rate hikes next year has strengthened the position of the US Dollar, but with Brexit and the European elections still at play, exchange rates could remain volatile in 2017.

  • President Trump & Brexit: breathing life back into the Pound

    With Donald Trump’s win in the US Presidential election and the High Court’s ruling on Brexit resulting in Pound strength, and the markets seemingly governed by politics rather than economic trends, further surprises are certainly not out of the question.

  • Brexit fears continue to weigh in on Sterling’s value

    Brexit uncertainty continues to weaken the Pound and with little plans from Government, further losses could be on the horizon. Whilst this could continue for some time, political events in Europe and the US could present opportunities for those selling Sterling.

  • The Pound continues to rally despite Brexit fears

    The Pound has begun September well with the first two days of trading recording three cent gains against the Euro, two cent gains against the US Dollar, and three cent gains against the Australian Dollar. The following article looks at what to expect from the Pound this month.

  • Sterling exchange rate forecasts post-Referendum

    Pound Sterling finds stability in the wake of Brexit, but what implications does this have for the global economy? The following article looks at GBPEUR, GBPUSD and GBPAUD exchange rates over the coming days and weeks, highlighting any potential events that could impact your buying or selling requirements.

  • What will happen to Pound Sterling after Brexit?

    As the dust begins to settle on a post-Brexit Britain, what impact will it have on exchange rates? This article looks at factors that may impact Sterling, the US Dollar and Australian Dollar.

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