• Pound Sterling rates begin the year on the back foot

    December was one of the most volatile periods of 2015 for the currency markets, which is saying a lot in a year which included a possible ‘Grexit’, the UK going into negative inflation, and near-collapses in the stock and commodity markets.

  • Global interest rate changes delayed

    September has provided the foundation for poorly performing currencies to outshine the winners of the first half of 2015. Sterling and the USD seem to have lost their momentum, by contrast the Euro and Australian Dollar are making late gains as we head into the New Year.

  • Future of Sterling uncertain after interest rate decision

    Foreign Currency Direct’s Joshua Privett discusses the latest key data and news on UK and US interest rates, the economic slowdown in China, the Greek elections, and the outlook for the global currency market – including the impact on Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Australian Dollar and Euro exchange rates.

  • Sterling Euro Hits Fresh 8 Year High

    Foreign Currency Direct’s Tom Higham discusses the latest news on the Greek debt deal and the outlook for the currency market – including a look at why Pound Sterling exchange rates have reached fresh 8 year highs against the Euro and the outlook for CAD, AUD and NZD exchange rates.

  • Greece Deal Hangs in the Balance

    With Greece closing in on some major payment deadlines this report looks what may lie ahead for Greece and the impact this may have on Euro exchange rates.

  • The Election Aftermath and Currency Exchange Rates

    This currency report assessing the impact of the results of the UK election on Pound Sterling exchange rates, looking at exchange rate movement before, during and after the Election.

  • The UK General Election and its Potential Impact Upon Sterling Exchange Rates

    A focus on the upcoming general election in the UK and its possible impact on Pound Sterling exchange rates. This report looks at the possible outcome of the 2015 UK election, the impact a ‘hung Parliament’ could have on Pound Sterling value, as well as steps to take to avoid volatility in GBP exchange rates.

  • The Top 5 Most Desirable Countries to Emigrate To

    Where are the most popular destinations for Brits looking to pack up and start a brand new life abroad? We look at Australia, the United States, Canada, Spain and New Zealand.

  • Global growth forecast cut – January 2015

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) have announced that they have cut their growth forecast for the global economy for each of the next 2 years.

  • UK Inflation Falls – Sterling Exchange Rates – January 2015

    The Office for National Statistics has announced that December’s inflation figure fell to 0.5%. This is likely to heavily influence the Bank of England’s interest rate decision – with a rise seeming very unlikely!

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