• Brexit: Article 50 to be triggered tomorrow

    Tomorrow will be a historic day for the UK as Theresa May pulls the trigger on Article 50 – starting the official process of an EU-exit. Investors must now attempt to gauge the mood on both sides as we look forward to negotiations.

  • Is the gulf between Germany and other economies growing?

    Germany’s strong economy warrants an interest rate hike but the ECB can’t act without hurting struggling economies such as Greece and Italy. A Marine Le Pen victory would cause the Euro to crash to a 15-year low according to a Bloomberg survey released yesterday.

  • FOMC Minutes the key point for USD exchange rates this week

    The US Dollar is in a position of weakness following Trump’s failed attempt to replace Obamacare. Investors will be looking out for clues in today’s FOMC minutes as to whether the FED will look to hike rates in the near term.

  • GBP/NZD exchange rates highest since January

    The RBNZ have hinted at an interest rate cut to help bolster the countries’ exports. Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rates have been on the rise with rates hitting their highest levels since January.

  • Markets await the declaration of Article 50

    Markets prepare for Theresa May’s declaration of Article 50, but will the Pound gain or lose on the announcement? Jean-Claude Juncker has expressed great sadness towards the UK’s decision as the EU celebrates its 60th Birthday.

  • European Union celebrates amid uncertainty ahead

    The remaining 27 member states must now prepare for formal discussions with Britain, who are expected to hand notice for EU withdrawal on Wednesday.

  • Trump bandwagon showing signs of stalling

    Trump’s healthcare bill failed to pass the necessary votes required, which has been met with weakness for both stocks and the US Dollar. Is the Trump train beginning to lose momentum?

  • AUD looks set for decline

    Analysts now predict the Australian Dollar will lose significant value over the next two years, citing commodity prices and unemployment as two major factors.

  • Pivotal week to come for Pound Sterling

    The Pound now hangs in the balance as the UK prepares for its EU-exit next week. Investors took comfort in the latest retail figures released yesterday, but will it be enough to maintain appetite for Sterling?

  • Volatile week to come for Pound to Euro exchange rates

    The week ahead is light on economic data, with much of the focus now on the UK’s Article 50 declaration next Wednesday. Marine Le Pen’s slide in the latest polls has provided Euro investors with a hint of optimism.

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