Partnering With Foreign Currency Direct plc

At Foreign Currency Direct plc our primary focus is placed on generating mutually beneficial relationships with our referring partners. In this competitive market we would not expect new referring partners to send us business without us returning the favour. We are the only FX brokerage that actually has a department dedicated to generating new leads and developing new sales tools that help our agents establish exclusive working relationships with our clients (please feel free to ask us for references from our existing affiliates).

We work with estate agents, IFA’s, sports agents, visa experts and migration specialists across the world. We make sure that all of our affiliate’s clients get not only exceptional exchange rates but the most professional yet friendly service available.

Why Work With Foreign Currency Direct plc:

  • Money Towards Your Clients Viewing Trips

    Through our unique scheme we will pay money towards your British clients viewing trips. Offering our affiliates’ clients €100 on the Currency Card gives them a competitive edge over other agents in their area and helps to build relationships at the crucial stage of contact with the client. Click here for more information about the Currency Card.

  • Promoting Your Business

    We make money when your clients trade currency so it’s in our best interest to generate business for our agents. We will actively promote your company and generate new leads for you both online, at shows and exhibitions and on a one to one basis with our clients. For more information about FREE advertisement online at please contact Rob Harold or Tom Higham at or If you are interested in FREE advertisement at shows and exhibitions please follow this link.

  • FREE Leads

    Foreign Currency Direct plc has a growing department purely dedicated to generating leads for our referring partners. Our agents regularly win sales through our leads and once again this is a completely free service. If you win a sale you keep all the commission we only ask that you try to match us lead for lead and help us to maintain our exclusivity with the clients we refer to you.

  • Assisted Sales Service

    The negative media storm surrounding Britain and the Eurozone has had a direct effect on consumer confidence. The Assisted Sales service is built around a team of market experts whom compile reports that highlight positive market data and the hidden savings that many of your clients will not be aware of. Our agents have won countless sales by working alongside our Assisted Sales Team! Click here for some examples of how this works.

  • Calculating Currency

    As a company we are more than happy to show our agents how to calculate currency. This allows our agents to use the daily fluctuations on the currency market to their advantage by highlighting substantial gains and losses. It also gives our agents the power to make sure their clients are receiving competitive rates of exchange. Please send an email to Rob at if you are interested in finding out more.

  • Market Watch

    Exchange rates change every 2 seconds and 1% movement in a day is not uncommon in the current climate. This means that over the course of a day or two the currency market may have helped sell a property for you if you have given your clients the option of using the market watch service. All you need to do is tell us the details of the trade and if the currency market hits the desired level you will receive an automatic email from Foreign Currency Direct plc.

  • Commission

    You will receive commission on every transfer a client makes through us. Some of our top agents earn a significant amount of commission from us on a monthly basis due to their referrals. If you are interested in finding out the minimum and maximum commission you should be earning from your current partnership please feel free to contact us today. We can also work to other revenue models, please contact to find out more.

  • Expert Dealers

    On average our dealers have more than 5 years FX experience with Foreign Currency Direct plc. We pride ourselves on the level of customer service every client receives, you can see some examples of customer feedback here. Not only do we promise to offer your clients a saving on every trade we will tailor our service to suit them. We do not hire pushy sales people, our focus is on customer service and providing the best possible experience which differentiates us from our competitors. You can meet some of our experienced team by clicking here.

  • Award Winning Exchange Rates

    We have been highlighted as providing highly competitive exchange rates in the national press.

  • Banners

    We can provide you with specially coded website banners, currency converters and even content to place on your website which will allow us to track any clients that come through to us from your website while also highlighting to clients that visit your site our affiliation. Click here to see our list of banners and currency converter which we can code specially for your site.

  • Landing Pages

    We will create a landing page on which links back to your website to help with your Google rankings and also to promote our working relationship. More so than ever its important agents are closely affiliated online to their broker to reinforce the working relationship. Even if a client is not buying or selling a property through you they may still register online with us having found us via one of our banners on your site therefore earning you commission. The number of trades which have been generated through our banners on our affiliates websites has increased significantly in the last 2 years as clients are shopping around for the best deal!

  • Marketing Material

    We can provide marketing material for you to display in your office and at shows. We can also provide support at exhibitions.

5 Ways To Assess The Credibility of A Currency Broker

When referring clients to a currency broker agents often want to make sure of two things; will the client be well looked after and will your client feel comfortable using them. It is not uncommon we have clients trade with us despite being referred to another currency broker because they did not feel confident in moving their life savings through the other broker. This highlights just how important it is to choose a reliable currency broker to partner with. Foreign Currency Direct has fantastic position in the market and are very proud of what we offer both are partners and all our clients. Put yourself in your clients shoes and ask yourself the following questions:

1 Security: Is the currency broker FCA regulated, do they have a strong history of business of over 10 years, do they have fully audited accounts and do they have a good credit report. In other words would you transfer your life savings with this broker?

At Foreign Currency Direct plc we have been trading for over 13 years with fully audited accounts by Price Waterhouse Coopers, we turnover close to £500 million per annum and have the highest level of credit worthiness from Dunn and Bradstreet.

2 Rates of exchange: Are the rates of exchange competitive with other banks and brokers and are they consistent? Can you be confident that every client receives a bank beating exchange rate?

At Foreign Currency Direct plc we have been highlighted in the national press as provider of highly competitive rates of exchange.

3 Confidence in Traders: Are the individual traders at the company professional, experienced and well mannered and will they offer a similar level or service as your company does. Will a recommendation to this company reflect well on your company?

We were finalist in the National Business Awards for customer service. On average our currency brokers have over 5 years experience trading with us.

4 Quality of Website: Is the website easy to use and does it fill you with confidence?

Feel free to have a look around, read our daily market reports, meet the team and find out a little more about the process.

5 Company Reviews: It is easy for a currency broker to tell you how wonderful they are but are there independent reviews of them on sites such as review centre?

Check us out on review centre or see some of our testimonials from the client survey we send out to clients by clicking here.

If you would like to find out more or have any questions please contact Rob Harold at

We make moving money easy We make moving money easy

Incorporated in England no. 5082565.    Foreign Currency Direct plc is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 [FRN 538392] for the provision of payment services.