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Peter S. Ellis


What one word would you use to describe yourself?
What is your favourite saying?
A tidy desk is a tidy mind
What belonging could you not live without?
The list on my back door that reminds me what not to forget when I go out...."KEYS, WALLET, GLASSES, PHONE."
What is your favourite conspiracy theory?
That Lyndon B.Johnson was behind the assassination of Kennedy
What in your view is the most important aspect of working at FCD?
A remarkable team of eclectic individuals that have established F.C.D. at the forefront of our industry delivering traditional values utilising modern technology without compromise.
We make moving money easy We make moving money easy

Incorporated in England no. 5082565.    Foreign Currency Direct plc is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 [FRN 538392] for the provision of payment services.