Euro Inflation Falls Further

It was announced yesterday that the Eurozone inflation fell to 0.4% last month, its lowest levels and what the European Central Bank (ECB) called a “danger zone”. Inflation in the single currency economy has been a big talking point and was one of the main reasons we saw the ECB cut interest rates and put deposit rates to negative levels and so that fact inflation is still falling and is getting ever closer to deflation which could spell disaster for the Eurozone. Yesterday’s announcement will lead to questions over the recent policies from the ECB and some may state that they are not working. This could mean we will see more action from the ECB possibly as soon as next month which could mean we are on for more volatility in GBP EUR exchange rates next week and so will be important that for any clients looking to buy or sell Euros to stay in close contact with our team of senior currency brokers here at Foreign Currency Direct plc.

USD Exchange Rate Forecast

Today we have the latest non-farm payroll for the US which shows the number of people in employment outside of the seasonally effected agriculture industry which means the numbers are very high and often very different to the prediction which can cause big swings in the exchange rates and so could again lead to major movement on the Dollar so keep in touch with us here if you need to buy Dollars.

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