Following a relatively flat week for Sterling exchange rates today looks like it is not set to be different with very little economic data due for release today. Today the main data of note in the UK is manufacturing data which is likely to remain steady at around 62.0 which would still be a positive reading and so any improvement upon this figure may generate a boost for Sterling exchange rates. In the afternoon the most noteable data set of the day is US non-farm payroll data which highlights the number of people in work outside of the seasonally effected agriculture industry. Usually these figures are very large numbers and often the predicted figure is very different to the actual number which can spark a huge movement on the GBP USD exchange rates. Also, announced this afternoon is US unemployment figures which, coupled with non-farm payroll will help paint a very clear picture of the US job market. Strong figures from America today will help the Dollar strengthen from the current low levels while further weak numbers could spark a move up towards the key 1.70 level.

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