CHF Exchange Rates

This morning we have heard the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures for Switzerland which have shown they actually fell quite significantly and mean that in the last quarter of 2013 the Swiss economy only grew by 0.2% as a result of this the CHF has weakened this morning presenting clients with an excellent opportunity to buy CHF. So, if you need to buy CHF make sure you give us a call this morning so we can discuss your currency requirements and the options available to you in order to make the most of the current levels.

EUR Exchange Rates

Also released this morning we have seen Spanish GDP figure released which have also shown a drop while German unemployment has remained steady. Later today we have European economic sentiment and consumer confidence released for the single currency economy which could have a big impact on GBP EUR exchange rates. These figures will basically give an indication as to how the Eurozone is performing and how businesses and consumers perceive the economy, should the figures be positive it should mean that we see some EUR strength today and the predicted figures are for a small improvement. However, following the weak data we have already seen this morning any negativity in the sentiment figures could lead to a spike in Sterling Euro exchange rates which could mean some good buying opportunities.

USD Exchange Rates

The day finishes with a raft of economic data for the US with durable goods orders, jobless figures and a speach from Fed Chair Janet Yellen. All of this could have a large impact on GBP USD exchange rates and with jobless claims expected to show a very slight drop and the markets still listening intently to every word from Janet Yellen we may see a lot of movement on USD exchange rates today and so if you need to buy or sell USD make sure you contact us this morning so we can discuss your currency requirements and the different options available to you.

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