USD Volatile Ahead of US Employment Figures

Today the US Non-farm Payroll figures are due to be released. These figures show the level of employment in America outside of the seasonally effected agriculture industry. Due to the high numbers on this figure it often leads to a lot of volatility for the US Dollar and therefore can create some excellent opportunities if you need to exchange US Dollars. The figures are set to be released at 13:30 today and so if you need to buy or sell US Dollars make sure you speak to your currency broker here at Foreign Currency Direct plc. We will be able to help keep you informed of all the latest currency market movement and we can be your eyes and ears on the markets keeping you informed of the latest news including the results of the non-farm payroll data. Being kept informed of the latest currency news can be crucial if you are looking to send money abroad as should help you make an informed decision.

UK House Prices Rise

Figures according to Halifax have shown that house prices have continued to rise modestly over the first quarter of 2013. While this is positive news for the UK economy and therefore Sterling I dont think the fact that we have seen an increase of 1.1% over the first three months is likely to cause a major uplift for the Pound, I also think it is unlikely that this will be a major factor as to whether the UK does or does not fall into a triple dip recession. However, regardless of this it is positive news and so may help keep Sterling exchange rates close to the high levels we are currently witnessing. If the UK is going to avoid recession I believe it is important that we see UK house prices continue to rise and at a slightly faster pace than we are currently witnessing and then more importantly we need to see the number of new mortgages approved and the number of house sales rise to have a real impact on Sterling and the economy.

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