CAD Exchange Rates and Economic Data

This afternoon we have a number of key economic data releases including their Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Retail Sales figures. Neither of these figures are supposed to be overly positive so there is a chance that we could see the Canadian Dollar weaken today which could result in some good opportunities to buy Canadian Dollars. Canada is the 11th largest economy in the world and with its exports heavily reliant on crude oil the fact that we have seen oil prices fall means their economy is under pressure and subsequently means we could be likely to see the Canadian Dollar move which means if you need to send money to Canada stay in close contact with your account manager so we can keep you informed of the latest movements.

EUR Forecast

This morning we have the latest European forecasts due which may give us an insight into how the Euro is likely to perfom over the short to medium term. Should we get a positive report we may see yet more confidence flow to the EUR making it stronger but the reverse is also possible. So, if you need to buy Euros then speak to us today. We can offer a number of different contract options and so are well placed to help you minimse your risks in the currency markets and make your transfers happen as cost effectively as possible.

If you need to send money abroad make sure you speak to one of our experienced currency brokers today so they can discuss the options with you. You can call straight through to our dealing floor on 01494 849752 or alternatively you can email me on