Industrial and Manufacturing produuction figures are out for the U.K today which may kick start the month for Sterling, a positive start may push us through the 1.25 barrier against the Euro and back through the 1.60 mark against the USD however I feel the U.S election will help to strengthen the USD in the coming days as long as there are no big surprises thrown up in the next few days.

The Bank of England interest rate decision is not expected to throw any big surprises up tomorrowwhich is shortly followed by the European Central Bank interest rate decision… I feel the press conference following this may be the most important part of the day assuming the Bank of England don’t get up to any tricks with QE.

To round the week off we have trade balance figures for the U.K and should this come out as positive then it may lead to the good start to the month that those looking to sell Sterling and buy a foreign currency are looking for as it should start to back up the positive growth figures we saw at the end of last month.