Sterling has dramatically fallen against the Dollar to a two-month low on the currency market. With the ongoing problems in the Euro zone and risk-averse investors flocking to the safe haven of the USD will this run continue?

With Greece acting as a catalyst for the problems in the Euro zone the Dollar is slowly strengthening as investors skip other currencies.  The news will be welcomed by Incumbent President Barack Obama and his reelection campaign as he has so far failed to deliver on his number one promise: a strong economy. With the G8 summit underway in Camp David it is likely that Obama will point the finger at the Euro zone and EU leaders as to the Single Currencies role in the downturn of the global economy. In my own personal opinion it seems like the right thing to do but is nonetheless a convenient method of taking the limelight as to the recurring domestic problems  in the US following the global recession and credit crisis.  With the Dollar being driven by the declining confidence in EU markets its a good time to be focusing on the global economy.

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