The Kiwi has gained some strength against several currency pairs after some certainty has been bought back to the Euro zone. Following the G8 summit it was revealed that growth and job creation will replace the out of date austerity measures and has been welcomed by Global Investors who can now start watching the riskier currencies once again. This appreciation is not isolated to the pound either with noticeable gains posted against both the Yen and USD.

Many will now be watching the inflationary release emerging from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand tomorrow at 3:00Am GMT. Any noticeable change in inflation could well lead to a hike or drop in their interest rates and would therefore be a sign of things to come. Make sure you speak to a broker about the different contract types we offer than can help with your budgeting and mitigate the risks and uncertainty of today’s climate. Either call us on (0)800 328 5884, sign up for a free no-cost no-obligation trading facility with us here at FCD or feel free to drop me an email on