Sterling Euro exchange rates have hit a three and a half year high following election results in both France and Greece. The big political news over the weekend is that in France they have a new President Francois Hollande who is very much anti the austerity measures and wants the Euro finance package re-negotiated and as a result of this we have seen Sterling strengthen considerably against the Euro presenting some excellent opportunities for those clients looking to buy Euros. With the Socialist President there is a concern that France will be less willing to contribute to bail out funds and therefore could undermine the stability of the Eurozone and with France as one of the major contributors to the Eurozone and partly responsible for preventing Greece from defaulting this could have big implications to the European and global economy. The implications of this election result will not be known for sure for some time but while we wait to see the results it could be worth making the most of the current Sterling Euro highs.

In the meantime we have heard from Greece that the far left party are attempting to form a government with their focus very much on anti austerity. As with France this will only go to heap more uncertainty onto the Eurozone and with this story still having some way to run it could be a busy week for Sterling Euro exchange rates.

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