As expected the Greek crisis is still rumbling on as the Euozone chiefs cancelled todays proposed meeting with Greek officials as they demanded more cuts, however as we hear this news a Greek minister has announced that the Greek people have been pushed to the limit by the current austerity measures. To avoid a default and receive the next tranche of bailout funds Greece have been told to make severe cuts which have angered the Greek public leading to major protests in Athens and other major cities. Currently Greece is ruled by a coalition government and as we have seen in the UK a government made up of opposing parties doesnt always run smoothly and in Greece it is no different, while the PM is backing the austerity measures other leading members of the coalition have stated they want to try to re-negotiate the austerity measures. This lack of unity in government and public unrest is making the task of getting Greece out of trouble increasingly difficult. The chance of Greece being able to avoid a default is reducing and the pressure on European finance ministers and therefore Euro exchange rates is increasing. So, if you are looking for exceptional Euro exchange rates on buying Euros speak to us today so we can explain all the options available to you.

This morning sees the latest UK unemployment figures announced, the expectation is for a further increase in the people currently out of work which could be more bad news for the UK economy and Sterling exchange rates. The figure is due out at 9:30 this morning. Call us today to discuss your currency requirement on 0800 328 5884 or email