Today at 1:30pm we see US non-farm payrolls released, this can be one of the most volatile and unpredictable economic data releases and in the past we have seen it cause major swings in the market. Basically the data release shows all the jobs created outside the seasonally affected agriculture industry and as this is such a large number it is very difficult to predict which means the markets have very little idea of what to expect therefore often resulting in significant market movement. So, if you need to buy US Dollars or are looking to sell Dollars and buy Sterling please contact us this morning so one of our experienced currency broker can discuss your requirements and all the options available to you.

Meanwhile, Sterling Euro maintained its high levels yesterday still presenting our clients with great opportunities to buy Euros at some of the highest levels we have seen in 16 months, the question is now how much further can the rates go? Should the issues in Italy and Greece flare up then we could see the rates move further but the many economic issues in the UK are at present preventing the rates push on from the current levels and any negative comments from UK politicians or economists and we can see the recent gains disappear very quickly.

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