Happy New Year from all at Foreign Currency Direct plc! We hoped that you enjoyed the break and the celebrations and are looking forward to what is sure to be another unpredictable year in the currency markets.

As we enter the New Year it seems little has changed in Europe as Merkel and Sarkozy have started the year stating that Europe should expect a winter of discontent in the meantimeĀ Sterling has seen an improvement in its fortune getting close to a year high however this is mainly because of Euro weakness rather than Sterling strength and so the outlook is still very unclear. Should Europe resolve their economic problems we could see a big swing in exchange rates possibly pushing Sterling down, alternatively if the Euro crisis rumbles on and we see a European country default or even leave the Eurozone then we could see rates push up maybe even over the 1.20 mark. However, so much is still uncertain and as we are at such a good level for Euro buyers it may be sensible to look at securing an exchange rate today.

At Foreign Currency Direct plc we offer a number of contract types including a forward contract where you can lock a rate of exchange for a period in the future for just a small deposit meaning you know exactly how much you are getting for your funds perfect to help you budget and take some of the risk out of the market while making the most of the current Sterling Euro exchange rate high.

If you would like more information on the contract types Foreign Currency Direct plc have to offer or would like to speak with an experienced currency broker about your currency requirements and the market outlook please call us today on either the freephone number 0800 328 5884 or from abroad +44 1494 725353 or email info@currencies.co.uk